Stampy Cat

Stampy cat is really good at minecraft.  he does hunger games, mini games, he does minecraft you tube videos and makes really high builds. with the help of balistic squid, l for leeeeee, squashiey quack, amy lee and more.

Minecraft Tips: Survival

Starting in Survival

First you need to gather wood by breaking a tree press RT. Then turn them into planks. Start placing blocks with LT. Repeat step 1 and 2 again till 5 blocks high.

Then craft a crafting table out of 4 wood planks place it in your house. Make 4 sticks then create a wooden pick-axe and sword. Go and kill 2 sheep and craft a bed.

Eat your mutton go then  to sleep in your bed by pressing LT.

the house can look something like this or a tiny bit different

Craft a door and place it in 2 spaces.